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Haliburton Pet Owners' Assistance Fund Privacy Policy 


Haliburton Pet Owners' Assistance Fund (HPOAF) supports and abides by the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Data Act (PIPEDA) and Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).  HPOAF does not sell, lease, rent out, lend or give out information lists containing personal information. Information regarding HPOAF's Donors, Beneficiaries and Friends and any other material that contains personal information shall be stored in a secure place (be it in printed or electronic form) and be kept solely by the Secretary-Treasurer.  It will only be made accessible to auditors, the Canada Revenue Agency or others who require it for legal purposes, as authorized by PIPEDA. HPOAF may develop a list of "Friends" - those people who are interested in the work of HPOAF and are interested in being contacted from time to time to learn more about the organization and its initiatives. 


HPOAF may record and keep the following information on Friends on an ongoing basis:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Email address

Friends may opt-out from this list at any time by advising the Secretary-Treasurer and all personal information will be deleted from HPOAF files. 


HPOAF shall record and keep the following information in respect to donors for a period of seven (7) years but not more than eight (8) years: 

  • Name

  • Address

  • Email address and/or phone numbers, if available.

  • Amount donated and the number of the charitable receipt provided 


HPOAF shall record and keep the following information in respect to beneficiaries for a period of seven (7) years but not more than eight (8) years:

  • Application form, including evidence of financial need

  • Minutes of discussion of HPOAF assessing whether the case is eligible and will be awarded

  • HPOAF funding

  • Veterinary treatment provided including invoices from the veterinary service provider

  • Record of funds paid to the veterinary service provider.


While the HPOAF will endeavour to provide an explanation to the veterinary service provider as to why a particular application was successful or not successful, it is not obliged to provide this information to the applicant. 


Any decision by HPOAF as to fund or not fund an application is final. 


As a condition of application for and acceptance of funding, applicants must provide the HPOAF with a photo and brief description of their animal and the treatment for which funding has been received (within 30 days of receipt of funding) which can be posted on HPOAF's website or used in other publicity initiatives.  Such information should not be personally identifiable and applicants may choose to use an "alias" for their pet if they believe that using the pet's real name could identify them personally. 


Any person whose personal information is contained in any HPOAF list may request to view their personal information, correct it or have it removed (subject to legal requirements to retain donor or beneficiary information for audit purposes). HPOAF will also keep a list of persons (by first and last name only) who do not want further contact from the association. 


For the HPOAF web site, personal data is only collected with approval, using fair and lawful means, and only used for the purpose for which it was collected or as required by law.   (If a person clicks a link leading to other web sites, this privacy policy does not apply to those sites.) 

Our website provider may place cookies on visitors to this website as part of their normal operating protocol, however HPOAF does not view or collect data on visitors to our website - and therefore does not use, share, disclose or sell any information on our visitors.

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