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Pets We've Helped


We recently helped this lovely cat with treatment for an infection.

After other approaches failed to relieve Maddie's suffering, HPOAF helped with a cystotomy to remove bladder stones.


HPOAF helped with the removal of large bleeding and oozing masses on Katy.

This is Kita - a Cane Corso that we've recently helped. Her owner sent us a note thanking us for our assistance - and we're passing on those thanks to everyone who has made a contribution.


is a handsome 2 year old dog who required treatment for smoke inhalation and related issues following a car engine fire. His owner was able to pay the lion's share of the treatment and HPOAF was able to help with the balance. We hear that Milo is doing well.

Boogers is 15 years old and showing the signs of age.   He is very important to his senior owner - we're helping them have a little more quality time together.

Stanley is a 7 year old miniature Schnauzer who is a beloved companion to his senior owners. Unfortunately, Stanley has diabetes. With HPOAF helping with the cost of insulin, blood tests and other related costs, Stanley is continuing to live a normal life.


is a ten year old lab, beloved by 3 boys in her family, who needed emergency surgery. HPOAF was happy to share the cost of surgery with her family.



This is Abbey, a 10 year old short-haired dachshund. Unfortunately, Abbey's immune system is not functioning properly and it is destroying her red blood cells, causing acute anemia. Abbey needs immunosuppressive drugs which are expensive and can cause side effects (for which she is being monitored.) Abbey's owner is a senior single lady who is presently undergoing treatment for cancer.  

We are delighted to report that a number of people in the community and as far away as the U.S. who are following HPOAF on Facebook have come forward to make contributions to help with Abbey's care.  Many, many thanks to all who contributed!!!  Now Abbey's Mom can go through her treatments knowing her precious Abbey is looked after!

Freddy has a very painful condition called lymphocytic plasmacytic gingivitis.  Thanks to your contributions, he is getting the surgery he needs to feel better!

Jagger is a special companion for his owner.  HPOAF just helped with a surgical biopsy on a mass on his hindquarters - we're hoping for the best! 

Ghimli was suffering with a blockage of the upper intestine. We were able to help with emergency surgery and all is now looking well for a full recovery... 

This handsome fella is feeling a lot better with the help of the HPOAF.  Unfortunately, he got into some glycol (anti-freeze) a couple of months back.  Dogs love the taste of it, so make sure you keep any out of reach - and make sure your vehicle isn't leaking on your garage floor!

This cat is very important to her owner, but was suffering from pneumonia.  Glad she is now feeling better - and glad we could help!

Whisper is her owner's best friend. Unfortunately, she's suffering from diabetes - glad that we can help with the cost of ongoing medication and treatment.

On December 22nd, Ally had surgery to remove a large tumor from her chest.  She is recovering well.  Her owner said that HPOAF's help to have Ally treated meant that Christmas came early for them!

Diesel was suffering from serious allergic dermatitis, but is feeling better now that he has been treated, with help from the Pet Fund.  His owner says thank you very much!

Rosie needed emergency surgery to remove some foreign items that she’d ingested.  Glad we could help her owner with some of the cost! She’s now well on the road to recovery

We helped Cassie get the surgery she needed with the help of Haliburton Pet Fund supporters.


Cali's owner is moving into a senior care facility.  The good news is that very kind people are giving her a new home - but she needed some critical issues addressed with our help.  Happy to say this photo was taken on her way to her new home.

Missy has diabetes but is getting the insulin and veterinary care she needs to be healthy and happy, thanks to HPOAF supporters.

Geronimo is feeling much perkier now that his ear infection has been treated.

Pepper is on the road to recovery after treatment for a severe laceration. 

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