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When pet owners in Haliburton cannot afford the cost of necessary emergency, critical and / or specialty veterinary intervention or medicals, the Haliburton Pet Owners' Assistance Fund may be able to help.......

Nearly 70% of Canadian households are pet owners.  Numerous studies have documented the positive health benefits of the human-animal bond.  Unfortunately, many pet owners are not prepared financially for the sudden costs of emergency, critical and/or specialty veterinary intervention.  When owners cannot afford the required care, animals may suffer continued pain, or euthanasia may be the only option, with resulting traumatic impact on the pet-owner and family.




The Haliburton Pet Owners' Assistance Fund is a Haliburton County-focussed charity to assist Haliburton pet owners in need, to help meet the financial burden of emergency, critical or specialty veterinary intervention.  Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for the pets of owners for whom their pets are a critical part of their emotional support, as well as to enable more humane treatment of animals. 

If you no longer feel that you can care for your pet physically, financially or in other ways, we encourage you to consider pet rescue organizations that can help to re-home your pet. There are rescue organizations for almost every breed and a number of organizations that help mixed breed animals.

We can't say a big enough thank you to Haliburton Veterinary Services and Minden Animal Hospital for their ongoing support of the Haliburton Pet Fund.  Haliburton Veterinary Services makes contributions to HPOAF in memory of their clients' pets, which we think is a lovely way to pay tribute to these pets and their owners.  Minden Animal Hospital also makes contributions in memoriam for their clients' pets as well as produces calendars with photos contributed by their clients to raise funds for HPOAF.  Both vets keep "toonie jars" on their counters where clients can make a contribution to help pets in Haliburton County.  Together, these fundraising initiatives raise over $2500 each year for the Haliburton Pet Fund.  So again, a very big thank you to Minden Animal Hospital and Haliburton Veterinary Services!

Pet Valu Haliburton

Pet Valu Haliburton designated the Haliburton Pet Fund as their charity for "Giving Back Month" in June 2020.  $1 from the purchase of a variety of products went to the Pet Fund - for a total of $811 in contributions!  Plus customers have put an additional $140 in the Toonie Jar bringing the total to $951!  A very big THANK YOU to Donna Thompson, Erin Wilson & Justine Lewis of Pet Valu Haliburton (shown with our President accepting the contribution.)

In loving memory of Smiley, the blind therapy dog, who sadly passed away in 2017.  On New Year's Day 2018, his Mom, Joanne George, asked his followers to consider making a contribution to the Pet Fund.  In just five days 69 "Smiley People" from all over the world (Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, England, Scotland) contributed $1965 to the Pet Fund!  We can't say a big enough thank you to Smiley's family and his friends.  Smiley's spirit lives on in their generosity and caring!!

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